Cloud9 Startups – Converting ideas into reality through Ideation, Incubation & Innovation


Entrepreneurs are the true heroes of the world. They change the world as we know it. Every now and then they come with something absolutely amazing and disrupt the entire industry. They are the true innovators, working day and night striving for perfection.

Pakistan has been blessed with its fair share of entrepreneurs. We have so much talent and so many new ideas coming up every other day. Slowly but firmly we are building a strong eco system that promotes new ideas and supports new ventures. We have the best people and some of the brightest minds. All we need is a little push and we can do wonders.

When an aspiring entrepreneur wants to launch a startup in Pakistan, the main concern for him or her is to raise enough capital to start it up. Pakistan has the best talent and a lot of unexploited opportunities. The only thing missing is capital which unfortunately is like oxygen for a startup without which it cannot survive.

Cloud9 Startups is an idea-stage startup capital and incubation firm. We are the one-stop solution for the entrepreneurial needs of Pakistan’s bright talent.  We help budding entrepreneurs kick-start their new ventures by providing them office space, seed investment, mentorship & access to global market. We are a mix of investors, mentors & entrepreneurs who are willing to do all they can to make new and bright ideas successful.

Our goal is simple. We want some of the best technology startups coming out of Pakistan to show the world that Pakistanis are as great as any other successful nation in the world. We are proud of our heritage and we want to show it to the world by building excellent startups together. All the people involved in running Cloud9 Startups are seasoned entrepreneurs, investors or technology experts who are eager to help the local talent make their mark in the world.

We are proud to sponsor Islamabad Startup Weekend as we believe that this event provides a nice platform for the aspiring entrepreneurs to come together and convert their idea into a startup in a single weekend. As a Gold Sponsor, we are offering the following to the participants.

  • Free incubation space for 3 months to Top 5 teams
  • Cash prizes for the Top 3 teams
  • Access to our local and international mentors for continuous help and guidance
  • Access to global market to sell their products/services to the world
  • A chance to raise investment for their startup by pitching to our investors directly
  • Lots of other priceless benefits for the participants

So what are you waiting for? Attend the Islamabad Startup Weekend, meet the people trying to change the world, convince us that your idea is the next best thing and let Cloud9 Startups help you convert it into reality. See you there!